Monday, February 25, 2008

52 Blessings Project: Week #8

Grammie G, Aunt Shannon, Jacob, Kyle, Jared, Karly, and Dallin

We were blessed this last week to spend a few days with some far away family who met us in the "Land Disney" (as Greg would say). It was so fun to spend time together- especially fun to see the cousins all picking up right where they left off a year ago. We made lots of fun memories. So great to share rides and parades with Grammie G and Aunt Shannie!! Jacob is so mature & the girls had a blast chatting with him. Kyle and Jared were like peas in a pod with Kobe. Karly has the BEST rollercoaster expressions! Dallin is just the cutest little boy who does not like to wear socks much- or be stuck in a stroller when he'd rather be using his new walking skills! It was cold and wet week, but it didn't matter since we were together again! Thanks to all of you for being there with us- even if it was hard to say goodbye again!
{Thanks for the churros Grammie G!!}


Sunny said...

Yea! So excited to see pictures from the happiest place on earth! Wish we could have gone too! It looked like a lot of fun! I've missed your posts, Nik! Glad your back and had such a good time!

Nikki said...

More to follow when I find more time... :)

Holly said...

It looks like it was so much fun! A much needed break, I am sure. So fun to see Shannon, Sheryl & the kids! Can't wait to see the rest!