Thursday, February 14, 2008

52 Blessings Project: Week #6

We have been blessed to have missionaries in our home often. These young men and young women leave their home, family, jobs, education, dating, etc. for 2 years (18 months for the girls) to serve the Lord and teach the gospel of Jesus Christ. Over the years we have been blessed to know many who have served where we live. They bring the Spirit into our home. They have served us. They bring opportunities for us to serve those they are teaching. They challenge us to spread the gospel. They set a great example for our kids.

I love that they have helped us and supported us in raising our kids in righteousness.

The kids are so excited when the missionaries are coming over. They beg Greg to tell his mission stories (especially the gross ones) from his mission to Mexico. He tells those over and over again as each new missionary visits to the delight of the kids- and the missionaries. (He's a good story teller!)
Our missionaries have come over for dinner, joined us for Family Home Evening, brought "investigators" to our home, invited us to go teach with them, spent holidays with us, attended our kids basketball games, volunteered in our schools, played in the snow with us, became friends with our friends who are not members of our church, watched General Conference with us in our home, shared their talents, and still found time to teach the gospel to our family and many others.

So, my plug for anyone reading, if you haven't had your missionaries over for dinner- DO IT! They need to eat and you need the blessings they bring! :)

{Halloween, Palmyra pageant, returning sleds after using them for "P-day"fun}

{Dessert time!, Our Chirstmas FHE/Party, Christmas Eve at our friend's house}

{Playing games with the kids after Sunday dinner}

{Sharing their message & their talents}


Greg Garrick said...

Nice post Bok.

Holly said...

That rap is so funny! Is that Kobe's hat he is wearing? You guys have always been a "missionary family" and I think it is awesome! It seems we never have much time to have them for dinner between Nathan being gone and all the evening activities. It is true that they sacrafice soo much. WE really should do better. Good thing that is my "word for the year!" :) Great post!

Nikki said...

Holly- yes, that's Kobe's hat.
now, go and DO. :)

dad said...

Amen! Who says you're not a missionary.
I've always been glad that we had the missionaries in our home over the years. What with Mom's schedule and Sunday obligations, it's been difficult lately. Hopefully, we will be able to get back to it again, before long.