Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Happy Happy Birthday Holly Dear...

Happy Birthday Holly!!

I made this cake especially for you. OK, maybe it's actually a cake from the Charm City Cakes site, but if I had that kind of talent, I'd make it for you. Actually maybe I'd make a cake that looks like fries and fry sauce... or maybe Oreos... or maybe slices of bread...

Well, the blogging tradition seems to be listing the things I know about you-so here I go...


f.g. h.

{a. Holly April 76 b. Holly down front with me and Tami c. Holly in black Halloween 78 d. Holly in black Halloween 79 e. Holly (middle) Aug 87 f. Holly is crazy! g. Holly's high school graduation h. Holly subs for Santa i. Sisters summer 2007}

34 things I know and love about my sister Holly.
1. She is a GREAT mom. She has raised some creative, smart and funny kids! I can't even begin to find the words to describe how good she is with kids of all ages.

2. She is always the life of the party.

3. She can make people laugh so hard they can't stop and start to cry.

4. She laughs so hard that she can't stop.
5. She started laughing once while helping her child give a talk in Primary, which got them both giggling (and while I type this I am laughing out loud- and here come the tears!)
6. Anyone who has ever met her can't help but like her so much.
7. In home decor she is drawn to black and white photos, stripes, squares, circles and this artwork:

8. She has recently discovered a talent and passion for photography.

9. She doesn't really like her picture taken.

10. She married a guy who is the opposite of her in many ways- yet they are perfect for each other.

11. She got married when I was 8.5 months pregnant. Her Ethan was born about 2 months before my Reagan. Her Saroya was born about 4 months before my Kobe. Her Jaleigh was born 3 days before my Jackson.

12. She is very persuasive. When she got pregnant with Saroya, she basically talked most of the childbearing aged women in the ward to get pregnant too. There were 9 babies born at church about 3 months after Saroya!
13. Holly and I emailed top secret pictures to each other of our very pregnant bellies while in the final stages of pregnancy with J and J. (No, I will not post that picture here!)
14. She introduced me to the world of blogs.

15. She sends me emails about sad new stories.

16. Her whole family wears Keen shoes.

17. She been known to splurge and buy herself some clothes from Goodwill.
18. In high school she used to be all about clothes & labels (Guess jeans!), now she's all about nature.

19. She loves camping, hiking, and the beach.

20. She lived in England as a nanny, easily picked up driving on the other side of the road, and got to vacation with the family in Barcelona, Spain.

21. She has always been a "social butterfly". When she was a freshman and I was a senior, she introduced me to other seniors (no one knew me, I'm such an introvert- they thought she was the senior and I was the freshman.)

22. I used to put her down a lot when we were little. Probably in an attempt to make myself feel better since I wished I was more like her, but wasn't. We didn't get along really well until I was in high school probably. I think she has forgiven me.

23. I still wish I was like her.

24. SciFi gives her headaches.

25. She is lactose intolerant... very sad all the things she cannot eat.

26. She is always so willing to help anyone!! When we moved to Saint Louis, she came down to help me paint & fix up the house. Eight months later she came back down to help me get the house ready to sell. When we moved to NY, she flew in to help me move in and ended up sleeping on the floor of our new house (with baby Jaleigh) with only a sheet because the moving truck was days late and arrived the morning she had to fly home. She claimed to have a good time anyway!
27. She is an excellent Young Women's President- and has been for years and years!
28. She worked many years at a Credit Union and earned much praise, but happily gave it up to stay at home with her kids and help her husband get through his schooling.
29. She collects miniature things- like a mini grocery cart, kitchen utensils, ketchup bottles, etc...

30. Favorite food that neither of us can get enough of: Goulash or our mom's spaghetti sauce.
31. She's a great bargain shopper- ebay, the Meijer outlet, Goodwill, dollar stores- and has the patience to wait until the price goes as low as possible.
32. She is a HUGE fan of children's musician Carol Johnson.
33. She is stronger and wiser and more impressive than ever.
34. For her birthday- since she won't get it on time- I got her a Lisa Leonard necklace with her word for the year... "DO" Hope it's a happy day Holly!

I could say more, but she's only 34 this year! Everyone feel free to leave her a birthday message in the comments section!!


Shan said...

Happiest birtday Holly! I loved reading what Nik wrote about you! She is right - everyone that meets you likes you sooo much- including me :) And I still recall laughing so hard with you over Peg the witch that I could hardly breathe! I hope you have a fantastic birthday!

Sunny said...

Nik! I learned how to ski and snowboard! :) Happy Birthday Holly! Hope you laugh to tears today! Heaven knows we will remembering moments with you!

Nikki said...

Oh my gosh! I can not believe I spaced on that!! Me and my lack of memory! I am so sorry Sun. I'll change that one to something else.

Greg Garrick said...

Happy 34th, that's the birthday I started losing my hair. Let me know if you can escape MI and I'll see if I can fly you here to make Nikki laugh uncontrollably. Have a great celebration!

dad said...

Well done Nik. How true, how true.
I laughed and teared up too. I think the picture of Holly with the camera in her face is great, and fitting.

Holly said...

Thank you thank you! These are such kind words, and I am so excited for my first ever LISA LEONARD NECKLACE!!! Hurray! I had Nathan read this last night and HE even laughed! You and Sunny are too funny, and too nice! :)