Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Guess Who...

... has lost 3 teeth in a week's time?!
(Two at Disneyland last week and one tonight.)
Poor boy is going to be living on soup if this keeps up!


Sunny said...

WOW Kobe! The tooth fairy better stop by every night! Are you pulling them out or are they falling out?

Nikki said...

He pulls them out- but not until they are VERY loose. He let Greg pull out his front tooth tonight- it's been hanging there so long like a big fang!

He got 2 dollars for the 1st Disneyland tooth and a Disneyland Matterhorn pin for his
2nd one. (Tinkerbell is very generous!Disneyland is her lost tooth domain.) When the regular tooth fairy comes tonight, we expect the usual dollar.

ryan and laura said...

that is the best smile ever! hope he's really cashing in those teeth! 3 is a week should be a bonus or something!

Holly said...

SOO cute!! How are you going to eat anything without teeth? You are so lucky to have lost 2 teeth at disneyland!! Awesome! Now- just let the big teeth grow before you lose any more, Ok? :)

Jill said...

It's so funny when kids hit this Jack-o-Lantern stage of life. My nephew (Robyn's son) has been missing his front middle teeth forever.

Hey, thanks for being willing to do the sticker club exchange. I need you to email me your address and the names you want it addressed to. Thanks.

Derek said... must be filthy rich now! Glad to hear that Tink took care of you in Disneyland. It is the happiest place on Earth...except for the temple. :-)