Monday, February 4, 2008

Baby Shower- for Holly

No, Holly is not pregnant, but she is throwing a baby shower for a friend. This post is for her of some baby shower ideas I've done. Feel free to leave your baby shower ideas in the comments...

I had 2 baby showers here last year. I wish I'd taken pictures of Angies shower, but these are from Marielles shower.

Shower favors for Marielles shower- mints- pretty easy and cheap. Angie's shower Trish put little candies in a pair of baby socks for the favor. Everyone returned the socks to Angie at church. (She appreciated that!)

Decor for Marielle's shower- the outfits, onsies, and bibs I bought for her as some of my gift to her hung on a clothes line. Also included a little lined basket, stuffed animal, and book as the table centerpiece, but that was hers as well. Angie's was decorated the same with the clothes line. It was great though because she was the YW president and I had each of the Young Women decorate a bib or onesie for her. They looked really cute all hung up like that. (*Remember to iron clothes before hanging) I needed to add more to this room- more balloons & streamers maybe, but ran out of time!

(Kobe's "crazy- mixed up- silly birthday" party was a few days after Angie's shower so I left the clothes line up and hung his decorations from it!)

Food- easy finger foods. Mini cupcakes, little cookies shaped like baby feet and hands, veggie tray, chips & salsa, and a chocolate fountain someone in the ward broght. (Unfortunately I took pics after the food had been picked over some.) I think at Angie's we had veggies, fruit, cookies, and Texas sheet cake. Ice water to drink- easy.

Games- I know Holly's just having an open house style shower, but for the record, here's the games we did. At Marielles shower, Angie had some great games. Price Is Right style game where you had to match the price with the baby item. Get to know you activity- find someone who had their water break, who was born in the afternoon, who is pregnant right now, etc... Pictionary (shown above) with baby related words. At Angie's the YW made up the games. They did one where we had to put a paper plate on our head and draw a baby on it. Angie judged whose was best. My memory fails me though- no surprise- I don't rememeber the others. Maybe Angie does?

Extras- These are examples of the diaper cakes my sister in law Carolyn has done. Cute decoration/gift for the Mommy-to-be. At both showers here I have gotten thank you cards for the Mommy and had everyone in attendance address an envelope to themselves. Makes writing thank yous a little easier. Also have had a little notebook to pass around so everyone can write down some words of advice, encouragement, etc. for the Mommy. Oh! One gift that I LOVED that the Alessi girls put together for Angie was an advice book from the Young Women. It included a lot of "do nots" and some "dos" based on their experiences being a kid and what their parents did right or what they wished their parents had done.
Ok, that's all I can think of right now. Hope this helps.
Keep it simple.
You don't have to bake for days to be sure everyone has something to take home with them like Grandma Nellie used to do! :D
Holly, call me for instructions to the diaper cake assembly!


Sunny said...

Wow Nik very good ideas! We did a matching game like "Memory" but what made it fun was the treats that we gave for a match. Like Breastfeeding = milky way, pacifiers = milk duds hospital bills = 100 grand, etc. I always recommend fruit for baby showers because I craved fruit a lot at the end of my pregnancy! You may want to ask what she's craving at the time to have at the shower :)

Holly said...

Ok- Thank you so much. This is PERFECT! It really won't be that difficult. I think it is a really good idea to post these things. I searched blogs to find shower ideas and there is not much out there. I will call you tomorrow for diaper cake instructions. THANK YOU again for saving me so much greif! :)

Salem said...

I am doing a shower in a few weeks...this was really helpful!! Thanks!