Sunday, June 29, 2008

52 Blessings Project: Week #23

OK, I'm up to Week #23 now, but the problem is that this is actually week #26 on the calendar- so I have to come up with 4 blessings to get caught up.... one post at a time.

Blessing # 23
At church we have a 2 hour block of time for the kids(18 months- 11 years old) to attend "Primary". It is truly a blessing to our entire family. The lessons they learn there support the things we teach at home- and vice versa. The Primary songs teach essential gospel principles in a way they will never ever forget. They learn to speak in front of an audience. I have no doubt Jillie's confidence in speaking comes from talks given in primary. Today Jackson said the prayer in Primary (well, actually he said a few things and someone else had to fill in the rest for him... but this is how it starts.) Most importantly their testimonies of the gospel of Jesus Christ have begun to grow. These pictures were taken last Sunday... on the last Sunday that all 4 of our kids attended Primary.

Now Jillie has graduated to Young Women (12- 18 yr old girls) and thanks to her Primary teachers and leaders, she's prepared for the next step in her spiritual development.


Beth Soelberg said...

I'm a big believer in Primary! That's where I really learned the gospel, and once I got to YW I gained a testimony of it. The programs of the church really do so much for us.

Congratulations to Jackson on his prayer!

Leanne said...

I have so many great memories of attending Primary when I was young. Now that both Holly and I are in the Primary presidency, I hope to instill the gospel principles in the littlest spirits and send them on their way to the youth programs like Jillie. I'm excited to prepare them just as we prepared the YW for adulthood. Primary rocks! Weeee!

Holly said...

Ok- Amen to primary, but EEEKKK to serving there.... :) Wait until you discover how exciting the scouting program is...... :)

Yea Jackson!!

Angie said...

Was this post to make me appreciate and work harder at my new primary calling??!! It's worth it, if the kids turn out as great as yours!