Wednesday, June 4, 2008

THE BIG 1-0!!

Reagan turns 10 today!

This day 10 years ago was an exciting one. We left little 23 month old Jillie at home with my parents and off we went to the hospital for a scheduled induction. I loved that there would be no surprises. No going to the hospital only to be sent home because it's only braxton-hicks contractions. No middle of the night contractions, but a good night's sleep before doing the whole labor and delivery thing. When we arrived at the hospital only to be turned away. It had been a stormy day the day before which apparently had sent many of the pregnant women in Grand Rapids into labor. There was no room in the inn. Disappointing. We returned again later in the day, and were finally admitted. I was induced and we walked around until the contractions came. The unusual thing for me in this birth was that while they broke my water, the nurse was pushing down on my belly really hard because they were afraid that she would bounce up to the top of my belly. The nurse was concerned that she really wasn't far enough along to be born, although I was like 5 days overdue. I believe this was also the delivery that Greg was very busy watching reruns of Seinfeld-- while I was sitting next to him in the pain of labor. I had to ask to at least look at me during the contractions!

The first face ReaRea saw was this one...

our great OB, Dr. Dorsey Ligon. :)

She was our lightest baby at 7lbs. 14oz.- and she was blond with blue eyes! Surprise, surprise! Those eyes have changed to a yellow-green (and in pictures she always has red eyes!)

she has an adorable freckled nose, and her hair is a little darker, but we think she's still our little blond Reagan Bug! A few pictures...

Newborn (outfit c/o Grammie G!)
3-Fancy hairdo's with her best friend Jillie
3-Loves new baby brother Kobe!
4- posing with some Christmas gift she received
5-First day of Kindergarten
5- Posing with Mr Bear, the classroom friend
6- She loves her newest baby brother Jackson
9th birthday party
9- gymnastics class
9- Orchestra concert
1. Reagan is even tempered and easy going.
2. Reagan recently decided she wants to be a Disney animator when she grows up. Good thing BYU has an amazing animation school! :)
3. She enjoys creating art. See some of her work here... The Garrick Gallery
4. She has lots and lots of friends- but kind of stays clear of those high maintenance- drama queen types.
5. She loves to be outside on her skateboard or scooter, swimming, or doing cartwheels and other gymnastics tricks.
6. She can also be a couch potato- favorite TV shows these days include Wizards of Waverly Place, Phineas and Ferb, and Hannah Montana.
7. Reagan finds music fun whether singing in a choir or playing her cello- although she has often referred to herself as Rock 'n Roll Reagan.
8. She wishes her bedroom was done in red and black instead of the purple Tinkerbell theme we have going on right now.
9. She does very well in school, is a good student, adn gets good grades. She has an awesome memory!
10. She started her own blog! You can check out her first post at Reagan Bug.
Happy Birthday ReaRea! We love you!


Greg Garrick said...

Happy 10th birthday ReaRea! I loved looking at all these pictures of you.

Shan said...

Happy birthday ReaRea! You have been beautiful since the day you were born :) I love how talented and fun you are! I hope you have a fun birthday - I love you!

Andrea said...

Maybe I should be worried because I too like Phineas and Ferb and Wizards of Waverly Place. What a beautiful girl.

Derek said...

Happy birthday Reagan! You are soo cool! I hope you have an awesome birthday!

Pam said...

I love that Reagan is beautiful inside and out. She is not stuck on herself and is very down to earth. She is kind and generous to everyone and that is why she has so many friends. Yet, she has a shy quality to her. I see it as humble. She is the only person I ever knew who loves hand-me-downs and loves to help Jillie shop for clothes, knowing they will be hers soon.:) I so love and admire sweet Reagan. Happy 10th!

papa said...

Amen, to Grandma Pam's comment.

Michelle said...

Happy Birthday Reagan! Nikki I love your little tribute to her and your blog. It's so fun to see you all!!

Angie said...

What a cute and nice girl!!! I miss seeing your kids at church and having them come up to Owen!

dad said...

BTW- I believe I was the first to visit her in the hospital the day she was born (except for her daddy, of course)

Nikki said...

Yes, you were the first visit dad- and you were also the one she spoke her first word to... "Hi!"

Carolyn said...

Reagan I love that you love music and drawing....I loved drawing too when I was your age and I also played the piano. Music and art is so good for the soul. Happy Birthday! You are a beautiful girl.

Leanne said...

I don't know cutie patootie Reagan, but she sure seems like a sweetheart. And she looks a lot like her aunt Sunny to me!

Caity said...

She is so adorable!