Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy Memorial Day

Hope everyone is having a nice day off with family. I finally got Reagan's Music in May post up (following this post) so I've finished uploading all of those videos from Jillie and Reagan's concerts. Enjoy some music ... :)

Today we went to see Reagan in this...

{See Reagan??}

Then we bought theseso that we can start this

but first we need to clean up this

so we can put down this

which is in our neighbors driveway... so we feel like we need to hurry and get it done.

{Friday I hurt my back really bad and could barely move and could not bend at all. Greg's head cold went to his chest and was worse than ever. But today with him on DayQuil and me on 600mg Ibuprofen we're getting it done with the kids' help.}


Angie said...

Good luck with the garden!!! That will be fun. Sorry to hear about your back, Brian has some Vicadin if you need something more powerful! The parade looked like so much fun. It made me miss Buffalo!!

Nikki said...

Come back Angie!!!

ryan and laura said...

dont you love yard work! we seem to have a love/hate relationship around here. lets just say I love the woodchips and all the flowers and seeing the garden sprouting but just cant stand the weeds. good luck!

Sunny said...

YEA! Reagan!! Looking good! I want to come do color guard too!!! YEA! Nikki!! Your garden looks fabulous! Wish I could come help!! Jillie and Reagan can watch Hyrum and I'll plant your garden!!!

Nikki said...

I wish you could come help- we need help from you and Derek adn Hyrum... you: gardening, Derek:computers, Hyrum:smiles.

Pam said...

Time to put the kids to work. They have the strong backs. :) It looked like a great Memorial Day. Finally! Nice weather!