Sunday, May 25, 2008

Music in May Part 1

It's school spring concert season. I'm sure this would be most interesting to me, our parents and maybe some of the kids' aunts... maybe an uncle :)... but I felt it was worth recording. Jillie's "Music in May" concert was Tuesday night. She performed in 2 choirs that night- 6th grade chorus and the "B-Sharp Singers". I have been so impressed with the music programs in our schools here. Jillie sang some really great music and they sounded great... in my (biased) opinion. :)
If you're up for some music (a couple of minutes each) and wish you could've been there too...

B Sharp Singers :
{Jillie is in the middle- on the middle row- with her hair pulled back}

6th Grade Chorus: {Jillie's the last one to come down the aisle and keeps looking at the camera}

Her absolute favorite song to perform tonight... The Evolution of Dance. She starts out dancing for "Hound Dog."

Jackson has heard her practice this one so many times he sang along with each song. Lately he's been walking around the house singing, "Ice Ice Baby." :)


dad said...

lnlsksThese kids are truly amazing. The do have a great music program at that school. Reagan's concert was great too.

Andrea said...

Hi, this is Andrea (Beth's sister). That was awesome. I listened to just the last one and my two year old son was dancing around the living room. We had to listen to it twice. Do they have a choreographer?

Nikki said...

Hi Andrea. :)
No they didn't have a choreographer. The kids volunteered for different songs and then came up with their own dance to show their music teacher. She of course helped fine tune it I'm sure. :)

Greg Garrick said...

We had a great time at the concert, it was fun to watch you perform in two different choirs.