Friday, May 23, 2008

Busy,Busy, Busy!

When we returned home Monday night we had to hit the ground running... The relaxation of 5 child free days is in the past! Tuesday Jackson woke up with a nasty cold which we all started to get, so that really made the running hard, but you do what you have to do.

Tuesday 5/20/08:

7:35 Jillie on the bus, 8:15 Reagan to school for orchestra rehearsal, 8:35 Kobe on bus.
8:30- 1:00 cancelled Jackson's PT therapy since he's miserable, feed us, took pictures of the signage and decorations from the kids, check email, chat with Mom and Dad and send them on their way, get showered and dressed, start laundry, lay down with Jackson and basically hold him down to get him to fall asleep since does not want to sleep. (Had to lay there with him most of the time to keep his head elevated so he wouldn't cough too much and wake himself up.)
1:00 go to school to see Reagan's dress rehearsal for her orchestra/choir concert.
3:00 Jillie home, Jackson and I home. Snacks and Jillie invites a friend over.
3:40 Reagan and Kobe home, snacks.
4:00 Reagan to gymnastics, help Kobe with homework
5:15 leave to pick up Reagan from gymnastics at 5:30, get McDonald's, eat in the car (lovely, huh?).
6:00 drop off Reagan at color guard practice for the Memorial Day parade.
7:00 drop off Jillie for her choir concert, Greg picks up Reagan and comes to Jillie's school.
7:30- 9:00 Jillie's Middle School Spring Concert
9:00 home, more eating, watch DVR- American Idol (Yes, that was necessary!)
10:00 everyone to bed ( I know- so late!), laundry, dishes, and I don't remember what else probably some computer time and some TV time and probably to sleep around midnight.

Wednesday 5/21/08:

7:45 drive Jillie to school because she missed the bus 8:00 called to cancel my volunteer time at the school book fair since Jackson is sick (and I'm getting sick) 8:15 Reagan to school for choir rehearsal 8:40 Kobe misses the bus, return to school to drop him off at 9:00
9:15- 3:00 I really can't remember now what all happened. I know Jackson and I went grocery shopping, and I did some of the normal stuff... breakfast, get ready for the day, lunch, cleaned up the kitchen, living room, dining room, family room, office, bathroom in preparation for Jackson's OT. OT therapist called to cancel because she's sick. Laundry. Check email and blogs. Calls to schedule appraisal on my car damage from this past winter, call to car insurance, call to schedule service on our lawn mower. Play with cars with JackJack...
3:00 drop off and pick up dry cleaning, pick up Jillie & her friends from after school choir rehearsal, drop off one friend, bring one friend to our house.
3:40 Kobe and Reagan walking into the house as we drive up, snacks
4:00 start packing up the food storage closet in the laundry room in preparation for new cabinets and shelving, talk to Mom on the phone about their little family history adventure near Syracuse and find out what time they'll be back here.
4:45 start dinner: (semi) homemade chicken noodle soup, grilled cheese or ham sandwiches, fruit
5:15 Greg home, I take Jillie's friend home
5:30 BEG Kobe to please just get the table set so we can eat and Reagan to get dressed for her concert
5:55 Eat (some)dinner
6:15 Greg takes Reagan to school for her concert.
6:45 The kids and I arrive at school. My folks arrive at school. Greg was able to only get 3 seats. (Oh how I wish they'd move these concerts to a place with more seating than the cafeteria!)
7:00 Concert begins. Jackson and I go out to the hall since we got to see the concert yesterday... but end up finding a seat in the front row.
8:00 Concert over- hurry home to finish dinner while we watch the American Idol finale!
10:00 Everyone is depressed that David Cook beat out David Archuleta. (We were hoping for the 1st Mormon American Idol... plus we LOVE his voice!) Everyone hits the sack (so late again!)
10:30 Start taking down all of the wire Closetmaid shelves in the laundry room closet and on our bedroom closet. Spackle and paint holes. Clean up kitchen/dining area in preparation for morning therapy sessions.
after midnight? Get Mom and Dad settled in for bed (on the couches- I feel so bad about that, but they wouldn't take our bed. We could use a guest room!) Another check of email and blogs. Go to sleep. Cold coming on strong for me, Greg, Mom, Jillie. Jackson & Kobe are coughing all night.

It's such a pain when life gets super busy and then you start getting sick. All I want to do is lay around as much as possible... ha!ha! As if a mom gets that luxury very often. :) You just do what needs to get done. I must admit that I did as little as possible on Thursday afternoon and took advantage of the kids having the day off on Friday to take an hour to lay around with a Kleenex box and the TV.

I guess I don't have a normal schedule. My schedule happens to me. Appointments get made, postponed, cancelled. Trips to schools are early, late , and in the middle of the day. I get done what HAS to be done today and reschedule what can wait until the next day or the day after. Some days the calendar is full, some days it's empty. Full calendar days mean lots of preparation and lots of running. Empty calendar days mean we can take slow if we need to, or catch up on the things that got left behind earlier in the week. My schedule in a word: flexible. I don't know if that's good or bad- maybe a little of both.

{Bad right now... here it is 3am trying to catch up on blogs, TV shows, and writing 3 posts at once while eating stuff I shouldn't be if I really want to lose the extra pounds!:( Good night!}


Angie said...

Wow, that made me tired just reading it! I guess I should really appreciate my day to day schedule with Owen where I look forward to an outing that takes us outside of the house! You're a very busy and wonderful mother! And BIG bummer that mom's can't get recovery time when their sick, they are the ones the deserve it the most! Wished I still lived there, I would have brought you some "semi- homemade" soup!

Leanne said... were sick yet you still kept going. Just like a Mom huh? We don't have time to be sick. Ever. No fair.

Carolyn said...

I'm always wondering what other mother's days and schedules are thanks Nikki! I hope you're feeling better now...I know what it's like to be sick and have to keep going. I once had a terrible strain of strep throath hit me and so did Brady...I got an hour of rest on Sunday and he stayed in bed for 3 days straight until I drove him to the doctor on the 4th day for some antibiotics. Nothing slowed down for me...gymnastics, dance, scool and even kids at my house! I felt like him but I just couldn't stop being mom!!! Thank goodness our bodies can handle being pushed so much. Hope you had an awesome vacation. Beautiufl pics!!

Beth Soelberg said...

Well...let's just say I will never claim to be busy again!

I agree with Leanne. We care for our kids (and may I add our husbands) when they are sick, let them slow down and take a break and bring them books and movies, but ourselves? Who would do everything if we did stop? Something to think about.

PLUS - I love the pictures from your vacation. Even though Michigan in the spring is so gorgeous, it isn't "Lush Tropical" gorgeous.

Holly said your favorite part was going to church on Sunday. Sometime, when you're not too busy (ha ha!), you could post one or two amazing conversion stories from St. Thomas!