Sunday, May 25, 2008

Music in May Part 2

Reagan's Music in May concert was Wednesday night. Again- amazed at the music programs that our schools provide. Reagan played a little with the String Orchestra and then sang with the Concerto Singers. If you love music- these are must see's. If you love Reagan- these are must see's :)As I explained in my "Busy, busy, busy" post, I saw this concert on Tuesday and Wednesday so I'll try to use the best footage from either performance.


This is a bit of a song is called "Mixed Up March". It's supposed to sound like that. :)

Then "The Flinstones"

{She's next to the boy with the glasses}

"Be Kind to Your Parents"- cute sound effects

"A Song Between Friends"- Reagan's a good whistler.

"You Raise Me Up"- I totally got teary on this one both times I saw it.

Her really fun one for the night "Rock and Roll is Here to Stay Medley"


Greg Garrick said...

That was a great concert Reagan, It was fun to see you in both chorus and orchestra.

Beth Soelberg said...

I loved watching these videos! I'm a violinist and former strings teacher, and I'm a big supporter of the arts in schools anyway. It's great that your kids are willing to try new things and give the time and effort to prepare for things like this!

Sorry you hurt your back. Dan did something to his shoulder a few years back and it's never been the same. I can sympathize with Greg's chest cold, too - I had a wicked cough from one a couple weeks ago. Thank goodness for your totally cooperative kids! :)

Nikki said...

Cooperative?! Ha! :)
There were moments of good cooperation, but there was plenty of whining & complaining & "It's too hot! Can I go in the pool?! You promised we could go in the pool today!" It was like 72* and the pool water was probably in the 50s.
All in all it was a good day though.