Sunday, May 11, 2008

celebrate good times- come on!

It's been a weekend of celebrations with Saturday as Greg's birthday and today as Mother's Day.
When Greg returned home from basketball this morning, the kids had him open his presents. We had a breakfast birthday party for him since we had a friend's 5th birthday party to attend in the afternoon and a date night for Greg and I this evening. The kids went all out on preparing the breakfast. We had some heart healthy french toast, fruit, and heart healthy cupcakes. (Everyone thought it was the best breakfast ever since they go to eat cupcakes with it!)
Greg and the kids woke me up with a big bowl of blueberries and a yogurt parfait for breakfast in bed. The also gave me these cards...

I love Kobe's poem and how he solved his problem of not being sure how to spell "roses" and "violets". The girls were very creative in their clues as to what my present was. Can you guess?
A Macbook!! Oh my word, I can't believe this!

After church Greg made an awesome meal- really he should be the cook around this house! I disappeared for a very long and much needed nap. The kids were great to let that happen.

The nice final touch to my day was from Kobe. Last week he came home from school and proudly showed me one of the books he got at library that day. it was a Little Critter book- Just Me and My Mom. he told me he got it so he could read it to me on Mother's day. So sweet. :) We snuggled together on the couch today to read it together. I'm glad my little boy who seems to be growing up so fast still has a soft spot for his ol' mom.

It was a great weekend... YEA!!


Sunny said...

Yea! Sounds like you had a great weekend! I need to find time to post about my crazy weekend! Happy Mothers day Nik!

Shan said...

What a sweet and fun weekend Nik! I love your Macbook! My favorite parts though are the girls all dressed in their chef outfits and Kobe reading to you. Oh that got right to my heart :)

Shan said...

Oh and how do you make heart healthy french toast and cupcakes? I need to change some of my eating ways :)