Saturday, May 17, 2008

Happy birthday to Shannon!

Today is my sister-in-law Shannon's birthday!!  
She is the only girl in the family- right in the middle of 5 boys... the cheerleader to their basketball team I guess. I have known her pretty much ever since I started dating Greg. She lived in Provo at the same time while taking classes at UVSC and working at UCCU. She has always been a friend to me. I wish we were closer and that we had taken more advantage of living near each other when we were in Colorado. (The 20 minute drive between our homes seemed so far. Now there is 1538 miles!)  Actually at this moment I'm even farther away on our little vacation, so the only picture I have has been blog-napped from Shannon's blog.

•She loves 80s music as much as Greg.
•She loves Disneyland almost as much as Greg.
•She loves Donny Osmond. 
•She loves Harry Connick Jr almost as much as me.
•Any meal she makes comes out great.  I don't believe she is capable of ruining any food.
•She makes yummy cookies & makes them often.
•She was sweet enough to share the secret family recipe for "Chocolate Chip Cookies- Garrick Style" once Greg and I were married.
•She loves Winnie the Pooh- her mom calls her "Pooh".
•Apparently during the dating years she was desired by many boys ( ie Mike Nielsen and Duayne Webster) who wished she would give them the time of day. 
•She was roommates with my sister Holly for a while so they are friends too.
•She manages a household of 5 kids- who happen to be very cute and so fun!
•She loves her kids.
•She loves all of her family and wishes everyone was closer.  
•She does a good job of keeping tabs on everyone for the rest of us.
•She loves my kids. 
•My kids think she is a super fun aunt and they love her like crazy.
•She ran track as a child and still enjoys running.
•She served a mission to Paraguay,  but because of illness was transferred to Texas.  (Texas?  I think that's right.)
•She asked me to sing"O That I Were an Angel" at her mission farewell with a girl in her ward who has a beautiful voice...  I was pretty nervous and I'm afraid it showed. :(
•She knows the gospel well.
•She reads her scriptures faithfully.
•She is her mom's best friend.
•She misses her Dad and little brother Danny  so very much.
•She enjoys some good reality TV like American Idol, Dancing with the Stars and The Bachelor.
•She does NOT enjoy camping at Yosemite when it downpours and the entire campsite is flooded. :)
•She LOVES chocolate...  (what woman doesn't?!.. except maybe Kristin. :))
•She can not get herself to eat cheesecake- mostly because it is called cheesecake. 
•She has awesome fat repelling genes that allow her to eat whatever she wants and after child birth her body goes back to normal in a few days.
•She deserves a life full of happiness- especially today on her birthday!

I hope your day is great Shan!  Happy, Happy Birthday to YOU!!!


Greg Garrick said...

I hope you have a happy birthday. The Lakers beat the jazz for you.

Shan said...

Thanks Nik!!! That was soo sweet - and you did it while on vacation??
Greg, I am thrilled that the Lakers beat the Jazz. Not just cause I like the Lakers but because I HATE the Jazz.

Airmom said...

Love the tribute to Pooh....she is all that and more...I am proud to be her mom....I hopw you guys are having a fun vacation...can't wait to hear allllll about it...
Happy Birthday Poobers!!!!! I love you. Mom

Carolyn said...

I enjoyed reading this and learned a few things I didn't about my sis-in-law! Hope you are having a great vacation Nikki....and thanks so very much for the sweet "Good Mail", it came at the perfect time!