Monday, May 12, 2008

Heart Healthy

When anyone asks me a question in my comments, I never know what to do. Answer in my comments section? Answer in their blog's comments? Email that person- if I have their email? Answer in a new post? Anyone know the proper protocol for this??

Well, Shan asked me a question about the heart healthy (Low fat) french toast and cupcakes... so I decided to answer in a new post. It's just a few simple substitutions.

French toast: I use some whole grain/lowfat/heart healthy bread, egg substitute instead of eggs, a little fat free/1% milk, cinnamon and Splenda (instead of sugar) , and a little vanilla of course!
Cupcakes: One box of any cake mix and one can (or 12 oz.) any diet pop. Just mix those two together and bake per the box directions. On Greg's and the kid's I did put a thin layer of chocolate frosting, but on mine I used Cool Whip Free- especially good on lemon cupcakes :)


Beth Soelberg said...

For egg substitute - Egg Beaters-ish product? I've also heard you can substitute soy flour for eggs, available at health food stores.

Great ideas. Thanks!

Shan said...

Thanks Nik! I don't know what the protocol is on answering in the comments section but I would think that you could just answer back in the comments? I have no idea what is proper but that is what I would do!
I am going to try these recipes - thanks again!

Nikki said...

Yes, egg substitute = egg beaters-ish product. Just check the label. Probably best to get the kind that has zero cholesterol.. some have a little.
I've never heard of the soy flour- interesting.
It seems natural to reply in the comments... I just wonder if for my answer.

Holly said...

ooohhhh YUMMY! I need to be better about this stuff. Unfortunalty I DO NOT have the good jeans or genes. Ugg....

Now to just get past the notion that everything has to tast great to eat it. boo hoo.

Nikki said...

With these 2 things atleast the kids didn't notice any difference. Tastes just as good as the original!

ryan and laura said...

is that why you look look so good....substituting out all the fat and frosting! good for you!

if someone leaves me a comment and asks a question I just blog back to them...usually if they want to email and have my email they just email. that's just how I usually do it though...I guess it doesn't really matter unless they dont want other people reading the comments.