Thursday, May 22, 2008

52 Blessings Project: Week #20

My Parents

This choice for week 20 was a given! My parents drove 7 hours from their house in Michigan to my house New York last week. They arrived at 2 am and asleep around 3am. Sometime between 4am and 6:30am, Jackson crawled into bed with them even though I was asleep on his floor. I found him there around 7am taking up half of the bed with Mom and Dad squished together on the other side. And so began their week with the kids. I had one full day here with them to get them acquainted with Jacksonisms and our basic routine. The regular schedule was a little busier than usual to with end of the year field trips, rehearsals, and concerts. They were so busy with the kids while we were gone.
Greg and I left for the airport before anyone was up on Thursday and we returned after everyone was asleep on Monday night. Not only did they get everyone off to school on time, attend Jackson's 3 therapy sessions, got homework done early, & got everyone to their extra activities, they also tilled our garden so it is finally ready to plant, cleaned, fixed, and organized things around the house, and entertained the kids. On Friday night they had a Caribbean Party with the kids. The place was decorated with lots of tropical themed things including nets, tropical flowers, themed dishes and place mats, grass skirts, beach shirts, leis, shark tooth necklaces, and a palm tree. Their dinner even included fruit kabobs.
{all pictures were taken the morning after we returned.}
Everyone went to the movies on Saturday too- Dad took the boys to see Horton Hears a Who while Mom took the girls to see the new Narnia movie. And look what we came home to...
We checked in on the kids via Skype which was really nice for all of us to keep up on the happenings at home and they could see where we were. The kids had a GREAT time with them. I don't think we were missed too much- and that's a good thing! I'm sure Mom and Dad were a little tired out from all of the activity going on- Jackson alone is a busy guy with a mind of his own. But they seem very glad to have been able to stay with the kids all those days. Mom did mention, "If I had a dime for every time he said, 'Look!! Look at that!'..." :) He really loved both of them equally and was instantly comfortable with them- what a relief.
We feel very blessed that they were willing to come all they way here- to use their vacation time- to work around my house and take care of the kids in a way that we were not at all concerned about the kids. They were in great hands. I feel so blessed to have such wonderful parents... for this trip and for so, so many more reasons. This is just one small example of the love, selfless service, and support they have given me all of these years. Thank you again Mom and Dad. I can't say it enough.


Beth Soelberg said...

I admit to feeling just a touch of and Greg got to have a wonderful vacation together knowing that your kids weren't just being taken care of - they were having a weekend-long party! How fun for all of you!

Plus, I'm amazed that you already have a post up this soon! Sometime you should do a post with a "My Daily Schedule" theme and let us in on your secrets! :)

Sunny said...

YEA!!! Man I wish we could have gone to the Caribbean party too! Fun fun! Mom and Dad are amazing!We love them!! Now we need to see pictures from YOUR vacation.

Angie said...

You do have great parents. I'm way impressed with the themed dinner party!! This is where you learned your art of entertaining and hospitality I see!