Monday, May 12, 2008

Disney fans

We found this Disney Parks update in You Tube.  This particular episode is all about the plans they have to change Disney's California Adventure.  They are really changing A LOT over there over the next 3-4 years.  Check it out!


Sunny said...

Wow! Looks like we'll be heading there when Hyrum is 5 or 6! That seems to be a good age to take him right? I'm sure he'll love Carland!! That guy didn't really sound too excited about everything did he?

Shan said...

I have to say that I have mixed feelings on the changes. I LIKE that Calif Adventure isn't so crowded and I love the feel of being in a California boardwalk setting. That said, the changes seem pretty amazing. I like the California in the 20's theme. The Carland idea will be so fun! I love the Buzz Lightyear ride at Disneyland so the Toy Story one looks fun too. The Little Mermaid ride sounds great as well. I guess it is good you all went on Maliboomer while it is still there! Maybe they will do away with Tower of Terror!! :) Let's plan a trip for when it is completed since I KNOW my kids will only want to go with you guys!

Beth Soelberg said...

Oh, SO cool! I am completely excited about my first trip to Disneyland and CA Adventure...whenever that will be!