Sunday, April 27, 2008

52 Blessings Project #16 and #17

I got a week behind on my blessings project- so I'll do 2 today to catch up...
Church Magazines

Today we used many of these magazines which bless our lives. With Home Teaching and Visiting Teaching today we were able to have good gospel discussions with the friends we visit inspired by the words in the Ensign. I also spent a little me time reading some articles. (I just realized I had only read the Visiting Teaching message and one other article this month. Hello, April is almost over!) The other one I read is about an amazing ward in the D.C. area- I believe it's the same ward that Kristi from Everything Pink served in with her family last year! Today I read something which inspired me to get some words on this blog again. In this article a woman wrote about the blessings that have come to her from daily journal writing for over 25 years. It felt good to enjoy some 'me-time' with the Ensign.
Jillie used The Friend today when she taught Sharing Time in Primary. In our ward they've been assigning kids to do a little sharing time from that month's Friend... "Friend of the Month"
Luckily I was subbing in Primary today so I got to enjoy her lesson about following the prophet. She did excellent. She told the kids about his favorite color (yellow) and favorite ice cream (burnt almond fudge). She read to them the story President Monson told about the boy who tried to imitate his every movement during a church meeting- but the boy couldn't figure out how to wiggle his ears like President Monson did. :) She talked with the kids about what things the prophet has taught us to do and them gave them each a picture of him where they could write what 3 things they will do to follow him. She did great and really had the kids attention and even concluded it with her testimony. A blessing to those kids, to Jillie and to me.
The Church's goal setting programs

Jillie turns 12 in June and so does her friend Lilli. This means they will graduate from Primary and into Young Women. (Boy I feel old!) Both organizations have an excellent goal setting program. It teaches them to set and accomplish goals as they develop their testimonies and increase their knowledge of the gospel. Faith in God is the Primary program {click above to see the entire program she's been working on since she was 8 years old}. She needs to have it all done in less than 2 months. Today Lilli came over so they could work together on the section called Preparing For Young Women. I sat with them as they accomplished these goals:

• After studying the thirteenth article of faith, make a list of things that are uplifting and virtuous. Discuss with a parent or leader how you can seek after these things.

• Write in your journal how you can serve the Lord as you stand for truth and righteousness.

• Read D&C 88:77–80, 118 and D&C 130:19. Discuss with a parent or Primary leader how important a good education is and how it can help you strengthen your home and family and the Church.
It was really nice for me to discuss these topics with these bright young ladies. They have a good understanding of the gospel. Warms my heart!
Won't be long til she starts the Young Women Personal Progress (goal setting) program!

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dad said...

What an excellent blog you do, Nik. It's so inspiring and mindful of such important things, and you make it so useful with all the pictures, clips and links. Thank you, daughter. Keep up the good work. :)
Good job to Jillie, too! You are a blessing!