Tuesday, April 8, 2008

52 Blessings Project: Week #14

General Conference

So many great messages, so much incredible music, so filled..
and so excited to read the whole thing when the Ensign comes out.
The kids had those great packets that circulated through LDS emails. They enjoyed using them to help them pay attention. Jillie commented that this was the best General Conference she's ever had. I think she's really starting to listen to and understand the messages.
I got to enjoy Conference too as the kids were well behaved
(although JackJack had his moments of wanting attention.)
Elder Bednar's talk about prayer- excellent. President Uchtdorf's talk about the Faith of our Fathers- loved it. Elder Ballard's talk about mothers (which I intend to show my kids at the next FHE- since they didn't see it all)- just what I needed to hear right now. Elder Holland's talk about the importance of having more scriptures to use along with the Bible- perfect & great resource in sharing the gospel. President Monson's closing remarks- I felt the spirit so strong, felt his love for us, strengthened my testimony that he is God's prophet on earth today.
The list really goes on and on.
Because of Kobe's birthday party ending as Conference started, I didn't really get settled with the first session until after the Solemn Assembly. Strange I don't remember that from all of the other prophets that have been called in my lifetime. {My memory is so shot.} Anyhow, tonight for Family Home Evening, we finally participated in the Solemn Assembly. (byutv.org is another blessing I should count!) The kids and I (Greg is out of town) sat in front of the computer as we watched the Solemn Assembly and waited for our own turns to stand and sustain our new prophet. I thought it was really great to share that with them and I think they "got it" too.

One more thing to note concerning Conference... last Sunday I threw together some little "General Conference Care Packages" for the ladies I visit teach and the new converts in our ward, Nick and Angie.
For the Visiting Teaching sisters I included a notebook with a pen, some candies, mints, microwave popcorn, and water bottle. For Nick and Angie, notebooks and pens (light up pens so Nick could take notes in the dark chapel during Priesthood Session). For their 3 year old -a notebook, stickers, crayons, and coloring pictures I printed up from past issues of The Friend magazine. More snacks for the whole family and a schedule of when & where to watch Conference.


Shan said...

Impressive Nik! I love the conference bag ideas.
I agree with you there is just so much about Conference that you just can't write about everything. We are so blessed to have such great men leading our church. As I mentioned on my blog, Elder Ballard's talk was just what I needed as well. I need to do a FHE on it too as my kids missed it!

Sunny said...

Nik! I'm so with you on not remembering the last solemn assembly. I KNOW I watched it, I had to have. I remember President Hinkley becoming the prophet I remember Pres Hunter's death and funeral I really don't know why I don't remember the solemn assembly. Then more I think of it I begin to think I maybe remember it but I that's just probably me making up the memory. Derek of course wasn't at the last one so it was like the blind leading the blind. We raised our hand about five times not knowing when it was our turn.