Saturday, April 12, 2008

Kid News

I haven't posted much about Reagan lately.

She had a Beginning Orchestra concert this week at school. She has learned a lot this year and really enjoys playing the cello- even if she doesn't look like it in these video clips :) Here's 2 of the many songs they performed.

I was pleased to hear her say she'd like to continue lessons over the summer... and keep it up all the way through college- maybe even major in it! She is involved in so many things right now. At school along with cello lessons and beginning orchestra she's also in chorus, art club, and will be starting color guard after spring break. Then of course she has gymnastics and Activity Days. She does very well academically too. She's a busy girl with a great attitude and lots of interests and we are very proud of her.
In other kids news... During Idol Gives Back this week, Jackson was inspired by all of the music. Out of the blue he runs up to Jillie with two microphones, hands one to her and they start singing. He didn't know the words but he was ooohhing along as best as he could. It was very sweet. :)

Movie night last night: we watched Mr Magorium's Wonder Emporium. (On Demand channel)

I've been wanting to see it for a long time. It was very good. Jackson especially liked the end when the magic is pouring into the store. He started applauding! Greg brought home a massive bucket of popcorn for all to enjoy with the film. Yum!

Here's what happens when Jackson is left alone with the bucket for a while...

YUCK! What a mess.

Good times... Good kids!

***Breaking News! Our Kobe has started HIS OWN BLOG! Oh my! :)***

(Sunny and Derek, you may want to check out his Webkinz post. You may notice some familiar names.)


Derek said...

Thanks for the update! Reagan, I can tell you have been practicing! We miss you guys and hope the next time we see you, you'd indulge us with a personal concert.

Jackson looks like he definitely belongs in the family, lil' popcorn lover. :-)

Shan said...

Reagan is so talented! I hope we can come visit sometime and get to experience all the kids interests first hand :)

Sunny said...

Reagan you are GOOD!!! What made you decide to take up the cello? Color guard? I did color guard! You are going to love it! I wish you lived closer we could toss it around a bit together!! :)

Atta boy Jackson! Dig right in! Sometimes us youngests have to fight to get our share! :)

dad said...

I'm so glad that Reagan is so interested in the cello. It will give her an appreciation for good music which will help give her other good influences.

Leanne said...

Reagan is a cutie patootie! Nice to hear that she has so many things that she enjoys.

Movie night sounds like fun. I just saw that same movie today and really liked it too.

Beth Soelberg said...

Keep it up with the cello! I've played the violin since 2nd grade and I love it. Incidentally, it's also been a source of income: I taught Elementary Strings for a couple of years when the school was in a pinch, taught lessons from my house, and played a few weddings and community theater productions to boot. It's a skill that she'll enjoy forever. Plus, she'll be in constant demand for sacrament meetings!

Oh, and sometimes I think I should have played the cello instead. Go figure. :)

Holly said...

I was so excited to hear Reagan play the cello! Good work! She IS a busy girl isn't she? And you have 4 kids?!?! AAAAAAAHHHHH!

I am excited to see Kobe's blog. What a creative kid!