Wednesday, April 16, 2008

52 Blessings Project: Week #15

I'm so glad the sunshine is back with warmer days!! Just 2 things to remember now:
1) The dust and dirt around the house are much more visible now :(
2) Time to get the sunscreen out- especially on JackJack!


Angie said...

Oh that makes me so happy that the sun is out and shinning!!! Not so happy for poor Jack Jack with the sunburn!!

Shan said...

Wow that is good sunburn! I was enjoying our beautiful warm weather too until a storm blew in last night and left us with a few inches of snow :(

Jill said...

The return of sunshine is a HUGE blessing, even if it means wearing sunscreen again!

Holly said...

OHHH!!! I love it!! I can't wait for warm warm weather. Gotta keep those kids lathered up!