Tuesday, November 4, 2008

52 Blessings Project: Week #38

The Right to Vote

Today I will exercise my right to vote. What a blessing this is- to make our voices heard- even if I do live in a state where my vote really doesn't count for much. I will do my part. I will do what I can to make my voice heard. I will vote.

This has been kind of an interesting (albeit LONG) election season. After this vote today we will have either the first black President of the United States or the first woman Vice President of the United States. Historical. Oh how I wish I could do my part to help elect the first black president- but no, this one is not for me. His politics and policies just don't align with mine the way the Republican candidate's do. So my vote goes to the McCain-Palin ticket (and privately wish it was for Romney!). I hope most others' votes do to- especially in the states where they really can count this time around.

By the way- you should READ THIS, and ponder this before you vote. (Thanks Beth)

The kids have been pretty involved in this election too. They ask a lot of questions like, "Why don't we like Obama? Why do we like McCain?" I remind them that just because Greg and I like McCain better, it doesn't mean they have to. That's the blessing of living in a Democracy. You get to use your agency, as it should be. So then they ask us what each one thinks on some different issues. We have had a couple of interesting discussions and not surprisingly they agree with us. Jillie really wants to accompany me to the polling place, but time constraints are not going to allow for that this time I'm afraid. (I'll have to go while every one's in school). While I honestly hope that McCain wins, I hope the kids don't feel like the world is coming to an end if he doesn't. They were pretty concerned when they saw the Nickelodeon kids election winner was Obama. :)

A bonus: after today, regardless of the outcome, I will not have to watch any more political commercials!!!! Although I'm sure they will be replaced with tons of Christmas shopping ads. Ugh. The stress of the holidays is upon us!

**for anyone counting, yes, I am WAY behind on my blessings posts- I should be on #44 now I think!**


Beth Soelberg said...

Have fun at the polls!

It's great that your kids are interested and inquisitive about the election. I remember being very interested in the outcome of the Bush (I) - Dukakis fight in 1988...I was the stand-alone Republican in my 3rd grade class.

Greg Garrick said...

Geez, Where did you live Beth? Nobody liked Dukakis?

Holly said...

Blah blah blah... It is such a waste of time. And I actually HAVE time this time!

If I could vote from home- maybe. And if it made a difference- for sure. But I can't and it won't...besides I have leaves to rake.


Leanne said...

Wait...you're not voting Holly?! You and Rick need good head slaps. He won't vote either. He doesn't think his vote will matter and he told me not to vote because mine won't matter either. I'm voting anyway cuz what if McCain would be one vote short?! or 3 in this case??!! hahaha

Nikki said...

Can you imagine a world where all of the people who normally wouldn't vote "because their vote doesn't count" actually did?? We might actually surprise all of the pollsters out there and change the color of our state on that big political map!

Nikki said...

And Holly- good luck explaining this one to the kids when they come home and ask if you voted today. :)

Greg Garrick said...

What the? Have you become a liberal? VOTE!

Nikki said...

ok, we need to leave Holly alone now. She voted- under extreme duress. She was pressured into voting, she's mad about it, and she will probably always regret that she took 40 minutes out of her life to go vote when it didn't matter anyway.
She posted about it, but she mad enough at me that she has denied any comments on her post.
But I just need to say- Holly, you could never be a bad mom- and good job LIttle Miss Grumpy. :)

Shan said...

I have to say I am more with Holly on this one :) I DID go vote - and voted McCain mainly so I could show my kids my little sticker. They have been so involved this time around and very anxious that I get my vote included. I have to say though that I am grateful that I did and it made me feel a greater sense of pride at living in such an amazing country.