Thursday, November 20, 2008


I've been tagged by my sister in law Abby.  Even though I have a list of posts to do, I choose to do this tag first.  Then I can feel like I got something done today! Besides, this will go much faster than the posts I need to do. :)  Enjoy... or not... ;)

8 TV Shows I watch (always from DVR when the kids are in bed!)
1. The Office
2. ER
3. Desperate Housewives
4. Boston Legal
5. My Name is Earl
6. Biggest Loser
7. Supernanny
8. Heroes

8 Things that happened yesterday
 1. Showered
2. Installed a new light fixture in the bathroom
3. Played whatever Jackson wanted me to play
4. Fed kids fast food for dinner (bad mom)
5. Greg took Kobe to his basketball game while I picked up Jillie from musical rehearsal
6. Took Jillie, Reagan and Reagan's school friend to their activities at church.
7. Said hello and goodbye to Greg as he left for his basketball game
8. Talked online with Charlie 

8 Favorite Places to Eat 
1. Hogi Yogi
2. Olive Garden
3. Burger Supreme
4. David's Grill
5. Panera
6. Cheesecake Factory
7. Shanghai Red's
8. Applebees (not that the food is that great, but atleast I know what how many WW points I'm eating)

8 Things to look forward to
1. Jillie's musical this weekend
2. Thanksgiving
3. Grammie G's visit
4, Our (mine and Greg's) trip to see Harry Connick Jr in concert
5. Our trip to Michigan for Saroya's baptism
6. Our Christmas Family Home Evening/Party
7. Christmas
8. Christmas vacation

8 Things on my WISH list
1. That my kids grow up to be independent and spiritually strong
2. To love exercising
3. To lose the weight that's hanging on
4. That my family will all live long, healthy, happy lives.
5. To go to BYU Women's Conference with my sisters, mom, aunts, friends, etc...
6. To take a sister trip to NYC to see a Broadway show.
7.  That my life stays at least as happy as it is now.
8. To serve a mission with Greg

Done!  Now I can feel good that I got a new post up here, even if it's not the one I thought I'd do today.  Thanks Abby.:) 
Hey, which of my lucky friends should I tag now????  Hmmmm.. 
I tag:  Angie B, Beth, Caity, Leanne,  Jillie and anyone else who wants to do it.  


Abby said...

Ahh, you gotta love Hogi Yogi! I haven't been to one of those in years!

Great lists! I didn't know Sheryl was going for a visit again...when is that happening?

Nikki said...

Sheryl is coming out here (with Jake too I think) to watch the kids for the night when Greg and I fly to the Harry Connick Jr. concert in New Jersey at the beginning of December.

Leanne said...

Never heard of Hogi Yogi! We live in the sticks.

YOU installed the light fixture? You go girl! Teach me how to do that kind of stuff!

Love all your fabulous it let's us get to know you better.

Nikki said...

Hogi Yogi is a Utah thing mostly- as is Burger Supreme.
Installing lights is pretty easy. Take off the old one, wire black to black and white to white and put it up. :) I guess I should have taken pictures of the process and made a tutorial. Oh well.

Holly said...

DITTO!! On your 8 wishes. Except serve a mission with Greg. I want to serve a mission too, but with Nathan... :)

Now about that light fixture... Where did you get it?? Tell us more about that.... :P

Loved the 8 list! Keep going!

Caity said...

You're an Office fan too, huh? Last night was so dissapointing though, huh?

Andrea said...

Oh who doesn't love The Office? Oh yeah I didn't like it at first and Matt doesn't like it. Hopefully we can convert him.

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Your wish list was so fun to read Nikki. I'm so glad you stopped by so I could come and see your blog. Thank you.

Jill said...

I think this is a fun meme because it's informative in a clever way. You've got a lot of good stuff on the horizon.