Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Night.

Last night was about the perfect night to go trick or treating considering we'd had freezing temperatures overnight lately. It was comfortable and a fun night for all. We took the requisite Halloween pictures...
(I like his own face better!)
Daddy showed Jackson how to pose.

After getting the pictures taken, I had to run Jillie to her friend's house across town. You see she's much too old to trick or treat with her family now. Much more fun with friends from school.

I returned home to take Pirate ReaRea, Kobe Wan Kenobi. and our BYU Football JackJack out trick or treating in our neighborhood. Even though it was 6pm, it seemed too early to go out since it was still so light outside thanks to not having the time change until Saturday night.

They lined up so nicely at this house I had to take a picture... (just so happens Buffalo Bills football player Rian Lindell opened the door as I snapped the picture.)

An Orchard Park fire truck came through the neighborhood to add to the fun of the night. I forgot I had the nighttime setting on my camera, but I think this picture turned out very interesting. See the"Orchard Park" floating at the top?

While I was out with the kids, Greg was home having some fun of his own. He was all spooked out for the trick or treaters with a fog machine, black light, strobe lights and spooky sound effects. With the candy he also passed out light up pens.... those were a huge hit. He had well over 80 kids. He also entertained the missionaries from our ward. Not much a missionary can do on Halloween night! The kids enjoyed hanging out with the missionaries when we got back too.

And of course there was the candy sort & exchange. I wish my kids had the chance to do what their cousins did with their Halloween candy. I've eaten WAY too many of those goodies!

(FYI- Jillie did her own post about her Halloween here)


Shan said...

Your kids all look so cute! Jillie is just so grown up now. I love her costume! Rea Rea made a great pirate. I like Kobe's own face better too :) And perfect costume for Jack Jack!

Abby said...

I agree with Shannon! Your kids look so cute! And you need to tell Jillie to stop growing up! :) She really is a beautiful girl!

Don't you just love Halloween?!

Leanne said...

Did you get full size candy at the famous football stars house?!

The kids costumes look great. I especially like Reagans! Arg matey!

Holly said...

CUTE!!! I love seeing pictures of the kids. I totally agree that Kobe's face looks better than the mask! :) Does Jackson have shoulder pads too? Funny! Jillie's bee costume is so original! I love it! Reagan HAS to bring that costume to WDW for the Pirate and Princess party!

i LOVE the fire truck picture. Wierd!! :)

Sunny said...

Your kids look great! All of them! I agree with everyone else that Kobe's face is much more tough! I love that he was KOBE wan Kenobi! LOVE IT! I must be blind but I don't see the 'Orchard Park' floating at the top in that picture of the fire truck. That's fun that you had the missionaries over. We went to Olive garden on Halloween in the mission field but we got in trouble, I don't think we were even allowed to be at a members house. Looks like a fun Halloween!

Dad said...

What cute halloweeners! I agree with everyone about KOBE Wan Kenobi! :)
The firetruck picture IS interesting, Hope it wasn't anything serious.

Nikki said...

The fire trucks & police go through the neighborhoods on Halloween just to say hi and make the kids happy.

Angie said...

I LOVE their costumes!!! Jillies is my favorite. She looks so cute in it! And what a great thing for Holly to get to do with her candy. But then what would I cheat with???

Angie said...

I LOVE their costumes!!! Jillies is my favorite. She looks so cute in it! And what a great thing for Holly to get to do with her candy. But then what would I cheat with???

Carolyn said...

I must say that I agree as well with everything above. And Jillie looks sooooo grown up with makeup on! I can't believe it. Looks like they all had fun. So great to have the missionaries in the home enjoying the evening with Greg. Greg sounds just like Brady when we were in AZ. He'd set up a whole spooky thing out front and just enjoy passing out candy.

Anonymous said...

What cute kids Nikki! Love all the costumes. You kids are getting so grown up! Loved also reading your election posts. Have a great day! Lori

Airmom said...

Wow...what a great Halloween celebration....Love the costumes..they are perfect...and Jillie you are some "Queen Bee"...would have liked to have seen Gregs get up....but it sounds like he has alot of his mom in him when it comes to things like that. Good job Nikki with the costumes...and good job kids...for being so stinking cute...I love you all!!!!
Hope to see you soon.
Grammie G.
Oh and Kobe...your face is the bestest ever...have them make a mask of you!!!!

Airmom said...

aaaaarrrrggghhhh tis the plank for this grammie g.....after I read my comment...I forgot to mention the amazing pirate and football player...arg matey if there ever be a better pirate...hmmm wait...I am a thinkin'.....arrrgghhh there be three in this in Colorado, one in Utah and one in NY...three pirates that would shiver the timbers of any Pirate from the Carribean for sure. I love it!!!lol
AND let me tell you Jackson....BYU would do well to recruit such a proud and faithful fan to their team one are adorable...hut one hut two....Disneyland!!!!!!!
Love to you all.

Caity said...

I LOVE the costumes! They are all so great!