Monday, November 10, 2008

First Snow of the Season

You'd think that this would be my first official sign that Christmas is on the way... but really it was this:
This is just from the last 2 days of mail. I think we've gotten at least 3 catalogues in the mail every day for the last couple of weeks. The kids are busily circling and initialing!


Shan said...

Yeah we have been inundated with catalogs as well :) I remember loving that growing up and circling all the many things I wanted! Wasn't Christmas so fun as a kid?!
We were supposed to get our first snow today but still no flake in sight.

Jill said...

We've gotten way more toy catalogues this year than ever before. Whitney likes to look at them, but then they go right in the recycling bag.

Sarah said...

Hi Nikki,
Haven't visited your blog in a while -- fun to read about all your fun happenings!! You have a darling family. We hope to see you sometime soon -- maybe for a short while over the holidays??!! We think of you often.
Love, Sarah

Cara said...

WOW that's a lot of Christmas ideas! I need some ideas, I have no clue this year.