Thursday, November 20, 2008

Going Hunting

**(My apologies to anyone who has read Holly's post already. Here's my {very long} story- with many of her pictures)**

Last weekend was the opening of hunting season in Michigan. This of course means Deer Hunter Widows Weekend at the Birch Run outlets. My dad, husband, uncle, brother in law are not hunters, but did this stop my mom, sister, aunt and I from going to the big event?! Not a chance! It was our hunting day- hunting for Christmas presents. I did get a few presents but I also did some bargain hunting on things we could use right now. It was an exhausting but fun weekend.

I left home Friday ALL BY MYSELF for the 5 hour drive to Michigan. I felt so free. Yes, sitting in a car by myself for 5 hours, eating a cheeseburger, drinking a root beer ( I know, 'I only drink water!'), and singing really loud to any song on the Canadian radio stations that I knew is what freedom feels like. Isn't Greg great? I know he wasn't too excited about being alone with the kids the whole weekend-especially since he was sick, but he was so encouraging and supportive. So nice.
I met Mom, Tami, and Holly at the hotel and we giggled hysterically for the evening until mom declared it was bedtime and turned off the lights. She had a plan as usual. We needed to arrive by 7am to get in line for special deals before the stores opened at 8am. Mom was the first one up, adrenaline pumping at 6am! She is the most energetic shopper I know.

We got to stand in the freezing cold drizzling rain so we could get our scratch off card.

{The line in front of us and behind us}

Mom won a $10 gift card to Adidas. The rest of us "won" lame coupon books. I was really hoping for the $500 gift card! While we were in line a local DJ came through doing games and handing out prizes. Mom and Holly were further in line than Tami and I. The DJ didn't notice that Holly and I look almost like twins because she chose Holly for a little quiz game, and then chose Tami and I to make up the trivia questions. Holly won $10 to Nike by answering our question: "Who played the mother on the Brady Bunch?"

Yea, Holly! Did she split that $10 with us? No. ;)

Finally the stores opened and we got to work. By the 2nd store, the adrenaline was gone (not Mom's though).

That's Holly crashing in the store, just before she found the most amazing purchase for her newly decorated bedroom.

She promises to post that soon! Stay tuned. Adrenaline returned. Then oh happy day, another one of my most favorite people showed up- Angie! It was so great to see her and spend the day with her. She's so easy to get along with- and so willing to be dragged around by us. :) She fit in perfectly.

I loved having time to catch up some with Tami, since we have been pretty awful at keeping in touch and I miss her so much. Girls days out are pretty special- laughing together, supporting each other ("You have to buy it! Who cares if you don't need it. You'll never find such a good price again!"), and strengthening our relationships.

So we shopped and shopped and shopped til we nearly dropped...

It was a succesful day of shopping. Every store had super deals. Angie and I have great plans for the Christmas Countdown calendars we found at Pottery Barn Outlet. Who could resist these at such big discounts?

My prized possession of the day was found at the Restoration Hardware outlet. Remember the ugly/expensive-light bulb-using bathroom light fixture I debated getting rid of? Well I finally replaced it. Who could resist a $170 light now priced around $40?! Not me!



Better? And it takes regular light bulbs. Hallelujah! (still don't like the wall color, but that will have to wait for now.)
We closed down the stores at 9pm. I was exhausted!! My back hurt, my legs hurt, my throat was sore, I was cold, but yet it was so worth it. We ended our day with dinner and then sadly parted ways at 11pm.

{Mom told me I was required to wear something Christmas-y, so I grabbed Reagan's jingle bell necklace on the way out the door. It's not something I typically wear. :)}

I got to my hotel on the MI/Canada border alive. (Stayed awake listening to episodes of The Office.) I lay down on the bed and called Greg to let him know I was safe and sound. After hanging up, I thought I need to get up and get ready for bed. But that's all I remember til about 9:45am the next day when Jackson accidentally called my phone.
More bargains on the way home... check out how CHEAP gas was in Port Huron, MI! WOW! The cheapest around home is $2.48/gallon.

I eventually made it back to New York, glad for the break, but glad to be home again too. I received such a nice welcome home from a family who missed me much. Great weekend! Let's do it again next year!!

**I just had an epiphany- I am NOT the long-story-short type of story teller. Congrats to you if you hung on til the end!**


wendi r. said...

I love seeing gas that to us it is $1.95 right now and I couldn't be happier! Unless of course it wasn't that cheap as a result of the rest of the economy being in the toilet. :)

Shan said...

It is 1.66 here!! Love it!
But next year I want to go on this shopping excursion! It sounds even more fun than I thought. So I am inviting myself :)
Love the new light fixture!

Andrea said...

What fun for all of you. I was thinking about you guys today when I saw some restaurant at Birch Run that served huge portions. Congrats on the great deals.

Leanne said...

NICE light fixture. Sounds like a *super* fun trip.

Gas is 1.71 here right now. Not too shabby :)

Leanne said...

P.S. I love to see pics of my favorite friend Tami. Thanks for sharing! You Streeters deserved a nice, fun,uplifting trip :)

Abby said...

What a fun trip!! I'm inviting myself to go next year as well! :)

Jill said...

This sounds like such a fun and successful girl's shopping trip. I have no stamina when it comes to shopping, especially when it involves getting up early and standing in freezing guys are tough!

Holly said...

Hip Hip!!! I am soo glad that you finally replaced that mirrored light fixture. I am completely impressed on how fast it went up!!

Stunning pictures- who did you say was the photographer? ;) I am gald you got that picture of me in the contest. We all look so serious. $10.00 is a big deal at 7am in the freezing rain I guess. Thanks again for the "help". Sorry I didn't share $2.50 with all of you from my earnings... WAIT!! I bought the appitizer at dinner, remeber?? ;) HA!!

I saw gas today at $1.67. Keep it comin!!

Michael said...


Did you give Alex's high-five to Jack Jack yet?


P.S.: Mom hates her pictures being on a blog. Now they're on two! (:

Michelle said...

Looks like so much fun!! Glad you got some great deals - love the light fixture.