Thursday, September 25, 2008

All alone!

Strange. Quiet. Pressure is on to actually accomplish something in the time I have. So far I:
*ate breakfast while checking the blogs I "follow".

*made 2 visiting teaching appointments for this afternoon

*called the pediatricians office to get Jackson's immunization records

*filled out preschool paperwork

*downloaded pictures

*wrote this post

About 1 hour down so far. The morning didn't go so well. Jillie left for school in tears this morning due to a straightening iron burn (She insisted on trying it on her own.) Kobe left for school with no breakfast. He and Reagan almost missed the bus. Jackson fell asleep after 10pm last night and was up for good by 7:15am. He was awful whiny before we left. But, once we took his picture and got him into school he seemed glad to be there. A little shy and quiet (that's OK with me), but fine with me leaving. No tears from either of us!

Now off to exercise...??? or dishes??? or laundry??? or cleaning bathrooms??? or yardwork??? or napping??? :) (yeah, right.)

Anyhow- here he is:


wendi r. said...

My vote is for napping. You can do it today and be productive tomorrow. :)

Michelle said...

I second the vote on a nap. Those can be hard to come by. :) Jackson is so adorable!! He looks like he's excited and ready for school.

Sunny said...

Oh wow Nik! I'm excited for you. My "things that will have to wait til kids are in school" list is much fresher than yours I'm sure! I'd say take a nap. You don't get enough sleep anyway. It's only an hour or so and you always have tomorrow! :)

Shan said...

Yeah nap is good :) Jack Jack has grown up so much. He looks like Kobe to me in the last picture.
And I totally envy you having NO KIDS at home!!!

Leanne said...

I remember when Brycen went to preschool and I was home alone for the first time. I think I used the half day to just enjoy my "aloneness". Nap if you like! There will be plenty of days to feel productive. I just decorated my house for fall because I'm in the fall mood (even tho it's about 75 degrees out). Now I'm going to take MY nap ;)

Danny said...

Wow Nikki. Rough morning. I hope that's not like every morning.

Andrea said...

I say take a spa day.

Abby said...

Jack Jack looks so cute and ready for an adventure! I am glad he did well and I am sure you will start to enjoy your few hours to yourself! "Embrace the silence" :)

Jenn said...

Nap? What's that?

I love a productive day!
Cute post.

dad said...

You already know my vote!!
Yea Jackson! He's growing up!

Angie said...

I love that he is so happy to go to preschool!!! YEAY Jack Jack!! And YEAH for you and getting a break! I say, skip exercise, have something GREAT to eat and put your feet up... oooo, or perhaps go get a pedicure, that sounds way better than exercise!!!

Holly said...

Cute Jackson!! I am glad he seems to be adjusting good.

I've said it before... You are the best mom ever. Now go take a nap! :)