Wednesday, September 10, 2008


This little man is under serious house arrest.

He is REALLY trying to exert his independence and it is scaring me to death! He spends a lot of his time running away from me- going in the opposite direction that I am going- and thinks it's a very funny game. I am exhausted.

About a week and a half ago- while we were staying in a hotel in Salt Lake City- he enjoyed his first big 'adventure'. I had an arm full of snacks for the rest of the family as Jackson and I got off the elevator to return to the hotel room. Jackson took off in the opposite direction down a long hall. With a headache so bad I'm sure you could have seen my head pulsating in pain, I pleaded with him to come with me. He didn't so I did the whole, "See you later. Bye!" thing and went around the corner. Every time I peaked around the corner he was a little closer but would stop when he saw me. Then on the 3rd time I peaked, he was GONE. I didn't know if he was hiding in a room doorway, but I assumed he'd gotten on the elevator since he was OBSESSED with elevators on this trip. I pressed the button, the door opened and the elevator was empty! I ran back to our room told Greg I thought Jackson had gone down the elevator by himself and he called the front desk while I went back to the elevator. Luckily there were only 3 floors, and I figured he'd probably had pushed the one with the star. I reached the main floor ran around the corner and there he was- laughing when he saw me. He is very proud of himself that he rode the elevator all by himself.

Since we've been home we have had him run out into the street or sneak out of the back yard from who ever was watching him only to (thankfully) show up ringing the front door bell. Time to put a lock back on the fence gate!

Today he and I were at Target. I had a lot to get so the first time he started to run away from me I chased him around the store until I caught him and made him sit in the child seat which he's getting too big for. The seat strap doesn't fit around his waist anymore so it's a wrestling match the whole time trying to keep him in there. Anyhow, I got tons of stuff there (of course!) and made it to the check out. He kept trying to stand up in the seat so I let him down- sternly reminding him that he needed to stay right here with me. Luckily it wasn't a busy time at the check out because I had to run and catch him a couple of times. Then while I was paying, he took off again. I left my cart there and went for him... and couldn't see him anywhere. He is so fast and sneaky these days. The cashier sees him down by the cards. I ran down to the card aisles where he went in, calling his name- and he was gone again. Then I hear another mom say, "He's down here in the clothes." I run that way- again, no Jackson. The helpful mother says she seems him running into the purse section. Finally I catch him. I am not happy. Jack Jack just thinks he played the funniest joke on me. I explained how that was not a nice thing to do and there would be no lunch until after he had a time out... in his room... behind a locked door (because that's the only way he'll stay put and not make time out into a game too!) He was not happy.

I still don't think he really gets it though- he really doesn't understand that he cannot do those things. He doesn't understand that I am the one in charge here, not him! That is so frustrating. Maybe he's "normal", but then I suppose my other kids were above average because they never put me through this. He is a challenge. Makes me want to find him a preschool- not to get rid of him- but to find him a new voice that might help him understand. (and to a small degree-a safe place to be while I get my errands done!)


Sunny said...

Oh my goodness Nik I know I'm in for this trick someday! So get ready to give me all kinds of advice when Hyrum realizes that he's faster than mom. Oh and I'm sure it's normal I've seen the same scenario playing out with my neighbor and her little boy Jackson's age. Not looking forward to that, for sure!

Beth Soelberg said...

One time we were visiting my uncle, who for medical reasons had had an elevator built into his home. Helena had just turned three, and she was mesmerized by this elevator. She kept going up and down with us, until once, she went up by herself...I was terrified that she wouldn't know how to get out (there was a lock on an interior door that had to be undone as a safety measure before the elevator doors would open). That was bad.

She's not much of a runner, though Hunter certainly is! And he's FAST! And preschool might just be the thing...Helena's responding already!

Good luck. You're a good mom, and you'll be blessed with extra patience.

Salem said...

I'm just glad to see that Super Mom Nikki has to chase her child around Target! I do that almost every time we go there...or to any store for that matter! Lately timeouts haven't been too successful with Ryder. So I've started putting things that he loves in timeout when he isn't behaving (a stuffed animal, car, or his beloved blankie). At first he laughs, like, "you can't put a THING in timeout!" But then he realizes I'm serious, and he won't get it back until he shows me he can be better. Good luck with Jackson! I don't know how you keep up with that when you have 3 other children and a houseful of obligations...but I know you can do it!!!!

Shan said...

Oh Jack Jack :) Dallin took off on me in Costco last week. We were cleaning up after eating lunch there and didn't notice that he had taken off. He had gone out the FRONT door and was outside! Luckily the costco employee at the door ushered him back in and I found the little rascal. He was grinning ear to ear thinking he had done something soo cool.
You are a patient and awesome mom Nikki! Preschool is a great idea anyway- no matter the perks you may receive from it too :)

Leanne said...

Awww...I feel for you Nikki. Just's only temporary...this too shall pass :)

Love Salem's idea. I'll have to remember that when Ava gets a bit older.

Holly said...

Oh Jackson! Don't you get it Nik? HE is your excersize plan!!! :) When Saroya was little she had the "runs" too. I remember being in a Kohls. I was crawling around on my hands and knees because if I stood up, I couldn't see her behind all the clothes. Jaleigh's favorite thing to do is hide in the middle of the clothes rack and stay VERY quiet....


Andrea said...

I am with Holly. Think of this as exercise. You not only got your shopping done but a workout too. When we first moved here Aidan was running away everytime the door opened. I still have no idea where he went a couple of times. They just don't understand the heart attack we have when we don't know where they are. He is mostly better now, but occassionally he still makes a break for it. At least he isn't naked and running at the same time. That would definately get me a call from protective services