Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I am a...

Greg got me this sweatshirt today (isn't it cute?) so of course I had to take a picture. But when you have a head cold I guess you forget that taking a picture in a mirror gives you a reverse image which I didn't even notice until I downloaded the picture... and now I don't even care... so too bad if you do.

I guess this means whenever I need to blog I just put on the sweatshirt and everyone quietly goes away and leaves me to my memory recording. Right? No? Oh well. So here I sit, regardless of the time, the PTO meeting in the morning, the stuffy head, or the cough because it's about time I get some things recorded before I forget. And I would forget. 

I find it much easier to blog if I go through my pictures and just start telling the story behind them. Here's some bits an pieces of life lately...

Back in the middle of August, we took the kids to see Disney's Beauty and the Beast (Broadway version) at Art Park. It's a lovely performing arts venue situated on the Niagara River Gorge.

The girls each brought a friend from church- Corinne & Annie.

Kobe didn't even think he'd like to go- let alone invite a friend to the show! (He did like it though!) We gave our 2 extra tickets to some nice women from our ward. It was a really good show. Jackson kept trying to sing along to songs he didn't even know and got quite chatty so Greg took him home at intermission. That was fine since it was already pretty late by then... and I probably enjoyed the show a little more without trying to keep him quiet.


Friday night we went to our high school football game. Go Quakers! (Yeah... kind of hard to get excited about that name. Then there's the mascot- a cute, sweet, smiling little Quaker man whose name is written across his cape... "OPIE". Yeah... we're tough.But we did blow out the other team 44-6! ) Our friends the Lewis' were there which was nice since I haven't seen them in a little while. We went because Reagan performed at half time as a part of the Junior Color Guard.

There she is in white ready to begin the show.
They did a nice little routine, but unfortunately it began raining just before they began. We were soaked as we waited for her to finish and then make the hike back to the car. Wet, but funny!

Our experimental garden has verified what we already knew to be true. We really don't know much of anything about gardening... and we have been neglectful weeders. We need to improve out efforts next year!
The tomatoes of course have been growing like crazy. I love having the cherry tomatoes around to munch on. The Celebrity tomatoes are fine, but not great. Probably need a different variety next time.

We got this cute little cantaloupe that smelled SO fragrant and had the perfect texture... but had no flavor. Tasted like water.
Our little watermelons and cucumbers are still doing their best to grow despite our neglect. We'll have to wait and see if they are edible!
We did get a few sunflowers to grow and bloom... but they always look over our back fence at the neighbors yard. I guess they are ashamed of us and our gardening abilities.
Try, try again next year!
Well, of course I'd hoped to accomplish more, but Jillie gets up in about 4 hours so I'd better get some rest.


Greg Garrick said...

Funny post, I get a kick out of you.

Beth Soelberg said...

That is a beautiful park to enjoy a performance. Looks like fun.


(At least the Quakers, unlike the Norsemen, never raped and pillaged!)

Shan said...

Nik that was fun post :) I like the sweatshirt- so thoughtful of Greg!
The garden looks pretty good to me , but I am worse at gardening than anyone :)I am impressed at what you have grown.

Sunny said...

Great comprehensive post! I know how it is!! I like the sweatshirt! You look so cute in it too. I always do dumb looks when I'm taking a picture of myself. Time to start canning those tomatoes. And you would need to with Celebrity because they all ripen in a very short time. :) That's weird about your cantaloupe. Sure looks good though!

Leanne said...

Ooo...great veggies and fruit. I wouldn't care if I couldn't enjoy the cantaloupe...I'm just so a-scared of growing anything but flowers, that I would love to have any fruit or veggie grow even if it was tasteless. hahaha. We've been lucky to have neighbors who bring us plenty of fresh veggies from their garden. Mmmm.

Love the sweatshirt :)