Friday, September 12, 2008

Fun at the Funeral

We pulled in from our trip to Utah at 4pm Monday. We cleaned clothes, repacked, ate, slept (some of us more than others), and drove Tuesday morning to Michigan for my Grandpa's funeral. It was hard to see my grandma looking SO, SO sad and worn out. It was hard to see my grandpa laying in the coffin. It was nice to hug everyone & know we're all sad for ourselves.

Today, 2 weeks since he's passed, it makes me emotional. Holly did a wonderful post about the funeral that I love and expresses my thoughts exactly. I couldn't do a better job... so I'll let hers speak for me too. I just can't go back to the sad stuff right now, but there is always a fun side to these kinds of funerals. Seeing so many family members and friends feels good. It gave us some fun with the funeral!
Tuesday night was the viewing and 2 great ladies from Grandma's ward come over to Grandma's to watch 11 of the kids. So nice for the kids- they had SO MUCH FUN!

So nice for the adults to be at the funeral home & talk without the kids around too. I enjoyed talking with many friends ( I won't call them "old" friends- just friends from back when I lived there...) :)

1- Funeral home, 2- The Harmon's, 3- my mom w/Sharon Leach, & 4- The Jones' (our stake president who apparently becomes Amish when you try to take his picture!)

It was great being with family- for comfort and for laughs!

(1- Holly & Nathan, 2- Uncle Andra, Hyrum, Derek, Sunny, Aunt Linda, 3-Uncle Mark, Aunt Tami, 4- Aunt Val, Kay, 5- Michael)

Of course the cousins knew their time is short together so they begged for a sleepover...

The funeral was attended by more friends and family. The luncheon afterwords gave us time to visit with everyone. I want to include pictures to help me remember all who were there

1-Friend & blogger Leanne & her Eva, 2-Aunt Jane, Craig & his wife, 3- Holly & Sunny with my cousin Jeannie & her Celia, 4- George, Aunt Char, & Larry, 5- my cute smiley husband :) 6-Michael & Mitch
1-Michael & Danny, 2-McKenna, Alex, Jillie, Ethan, Reagan & Derek, 4- Armstrongs & Aunt Jane, 5- Grandma & Aunt Barb, 6-Mom & her cousin Larry(?), 7-Mom and her sisters Tami & Val, 8-Dad & Jackson, 9- Sunny, Holly, Tami & I, 10- us sisters

We took the Myckowiak, Avery, Tangren & Garrick kids outside for a picture...

When it was time for goodbyes, Jackson ran around giving everyone hugs and kisses. He was VERY outgoing on this visit. I tried to get pictures but it was hard to keep up with him!

(Jackson with his Uncle Derek, Papa, Grandma, Great Uncle Mark, & Uncle Nathan.)
It was hard to leave because I was reminded how much I like my family and how much I miss them when we're not together. I'm really glad we were there to be with them all during this sad time... and that we managed to have fun and make more good memories.


Michael said...

Since when did I say that you could post my picture on a blog?!?!?!?!?!?! Sure, I let you take my picture, but only because I don't see you very often. That doesn't mean that you could post them!!!!!!!!! (just kidding,....kind of)

It was pretty fun, and I'm glad to see everyone who I don't see ever. It gave me a chance to exercise my social side, which doesn't see the light of day on a regular basis. It truly was a good thing that we all could be together during that sad week.

Sunny said...

I gotta say Nik you had me worried with that title!! :) Man you got pictures of everyone didn't you? That's great you little family history-er you. :) We miss you guys!!

Leanne said...

I'm with Michael on this one! EW! You posted me looking supa fat! haha. Plus I had a droopy eye because it leaks all the time. I'm a freak and you caught that part perfectly. haha. No more pics of me until I'm high school thin again. -read NEVER again-

I did enjoy seeing your pictures of people I haven't seen in a long time...such as the Harmon's, Sis. Leach, Linda and Andra Robinson etc. It's been soooo long since I've seen any of them. Too bad it takes a sad occasion to bring people back in our lives.

I'll still keep your family in my prayers.