Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My name is Nikki and I'm an addict...

Holy Smokes! Blogger is killing me! This new "Following" feature makes it so easy to check on the 50 (yes, I said 50!!) blogs I check regularly. With one click I can see out of those 50 who has posted in the last few minutes. I have become obsessed with refreshing my Dashboard every time I walk by the computer. And if anyone has posted I have to stop, read, and maybe even leave a comment. Doesn't help that this last week has been full of mostly indoors days for me. Even when I get out, I'm so wired with my Blackberry that I've been known to check while I'm out running errands! I guess I need to go stay out in the wilderness somewhere to detox. While this feature is oh so handy, I'm going to have to start limiting my Dashboard visits drastically. Of course this means I'll end up staying on the phone with my sisters for a while every day to get my adult conversation time in. :)

As I think about why I am so anxious to read a post by a family member, friend, or imaginary friend, I decided it's my link to other adult human beings during my child filled days. I remember my mom told me how she used to have on Days of Our Lives (I think that was the one) when she was a stay at home mom- just to hear adult conversation. Blogs are my soap operas I guess, except that they are real life and that is more intriguing to me. I quite enjoy knowing what's going on in someone's head. I get a lot of inspiration from the blogs too. Tonight in fact I made a new recipe for dinner (a truly rare occurrence). Chicken Scampi by Cara of Gardenview Cottage was yummy, healthy, and easy. I didn't use the butter, used 3 chicken breast- because that's what I had, and about 3/4 of the box of pasta since I had less chicken. Good stuff...very citrus-y... a new taste for our family.

Anyhow, my other thoughts tonight are of tomorrow. Jackson's first day of preschool. I'm nervous, sad, and excited all at once. My baby will be gone for 3 hours tomorrow. Now it's time to dust off my list of "Things I will be able to do once all of the kids are at school." I'll probably have to turn off the power on the computers so I don't spend my time on blogs! I'm trying to decide what's most important exercise or uninterrupted deep cleaning. I suppose I could fit in both. I desperately need both! I'm sure the time will whiz by... maybe. I am nervous about him understanding exactly where he is, what he is supposed to do, and being understood. I'm hoping he won't have to go to the bathroom because then they will see how dependent he is on me still for those matters. Ugh. Can't wait til that one clicks. Keep on praying.

So off to bed. By 9am I will have 4 kids in 3 schools around the OP. It's pretty much bound to be a busy morning and an emotionally and physically exhausting day.


Shan said...

Good luck today Nik! I am sure it will go great for Jack Jack :)
I understand the blogging addiction- I love reading what my friends and family are doing and makes me feel like I am a part of their lives even when I am many miles away.
I am excited to hear about Jack Jack's first day and what you decided to do with your new freedom :)

Mitch said...

Hi Nikki,
You might want to give Net News Wire ( a try. This RSS Reader will auto download any posts from blogs that you subscribe to. There is also a mobile app for your blackberry. Your subscriptions are kept on the web so your mac and blackberry will sync up with what you have read. No need to keep refreshing.

Nikki said...

Great Mitch! Now it's even easier to feed my addiction! :) Thanks for leaving a comment!! Miss you guys!!

Beth Soelberg said...

I'm happy to hear that Jackson was okay when he left for preschool. I couldn't believe I cried when I dropped off Helena for her first day...but I'm more of a wuss than I let on!

Ahh..."free" time. Funny how there's always so much to fill it with!

Leanne said...

You can also keep track of new blog posts from Google reader. :)

I'm not smart enough to do the thing Mitch talks about. Google here I come. lol

Angie said...

I'm glad to see Jack Jack made it to school okay (thanks to your post on facebook). I for one am glad you like blogging so much, it is so entertaining to me when you post!!! But, you might have to limit the doses!!!! That's funny you check your blackberry too. That made me laugh!!!

Holly said...

OH MITCH!! Don't tell her new things to try! Man-o-man. Ok- so I think I need a blackberry and an i-touch too.. :)I think Blogs make us better people in the long run. Yea for Jackson's first day. Here's to more BLOGGING!! Er... cleaning??